Bochy – March, 2015

Adorable Bochy (fka Rex) found his fur-ever home with Mare S. and she sent us this update:

“We are settling in nicely as you can see from the pics. He follows me almost everywhere in the house; now he trusts that if I go to another room downstairs I will come back. He is SOOOO receptive to love; sometimes in measured doses.

“We had three walks yesterday/evening. Short, but he did no business each time. Just getting the smells down to memory for future reference (and business!)

“He is doing very well. Love is growing back and forth!”

One Year Update

“This baby has SO blossomed since he rescued me on 3/21/15! I could go on and on about his growth, progress, -isms, strengths, weaknesses- but suffice to say this baby is my heaven and I am his! He is the perfect paralegal, and ALL of my clients love to see him when they come to my office. He parks himself on them or under them!

“He and I simply have a hard time breathing if we are not sharing air space!”

~ Mare S.