Kobe – March, 2015

Kobe found his fur-ever home with Cristin and Dave S. They sent us this very happy update:

“Kobe is absolutely wonderful. We are so, so, so enjoying him! We had to teach him to snuggle on the couch since he’s been trained to be so good. It was really funny at first. He would come up just enough that his little bum would hang off the end and he didn’t turn or get comfy, just stay right where he landed. It was a really funny site wink emoticon He is a snuggler though and just what we want/need, so he’s getting the hang of being up on the couch with us in the evenings. He whined a lot this morning when Dave left for work. That broke my heart, but he’s adjusting very well to his new home. We did Facetime with Nick last night so that Nick could meet him and that was really fun. We’ve had lots of requests from family and friends to come meet Kobe, but we’re asking to wait to let him adjust to his new family.

“I ordered his new collar and leash and dog tag this morning. You are welcome to use whatever photos and I’ll be sure to send more. I’ve attached a few here too. The first one shows a very happy boy with a big smile. The 2nd photo shows him playing with toys which is so fun for us to play together. And the last one is Kobe with his new mom and dad. I’m terrible at taking selfies, but at least it shows us all very, very happy.”

One Year Update

“I’m very excited to say that one year ago today, we adopted Kobe from NorCal Boxer Rescue. We are considering this to be his birthday and estimating that he is 5 years old today. We love this pup with all our hearts. When our 13 1/2 year old Eddie passed away, we were absolutely broken and we told NorCal that we needed a pup that would be cuddly. Well, even with the rough life that Kobe has had, he’s the MOST cuddly dog that we’ve ever had. He snuggles up close and then snuggles in even closer. He’s super smart and does exactly as he’s told. He sings for his supper and loves squeaky toys and blankets and walks. He immediately loves every single person he meets. We couldn’t possibly love this dog more and we’re so extremely grateful for NorCal Boxer Rescue and the foster families that cared for Kobe until we found him and made him a part of our family. Our hearts are so incredibly full and blessed. Happy Birthday sweet Kobe!”

~ Cristin