Daisy – September, 2016

Daisy found her fur-ever home with Kelly C. and family!

“What a great few days! Will and Daisy are always together. You’re right Margaret, Velcro dog for sure, haha. Will liked sharing his crackers with her. She has happily greeted friends as they’ve stopped by. Cuddles up in bed with me and Will to read bedtime stories. She’s grabbed numerous toys out of her toy box to run around with. She’s eating well, sleeping through the night and easily pottying outside. She is definitely slow and a little apprehensive greeting men but they all understand letting her come to them and she works it out.

“Our Monday morning greet with the daycare kids has gone very well. She was so gentle with each little one. The kids were all on the carpet and she chose to get into the middle of them and happily roll onto her back!! So darn cute. We love her and couldn’t be happier. ”

~ Kelly C.