Duke – November, 2009

Things with Duke are going great. He is settling in very well. He
made himself right at home. He is doing well on the leash when we
take him out for walks. I took him for a run with me yesterday and he
did great! He is very fast! Eve and Duke are loving each other very

The first day we brought him home we left him in the crate for 2 hours
while we went and ran errands. He somehow managed to squeeze out of
the crate and then proceeded to lock himself in the bathroom.
Needless to say, he was a bit shook up when we got home but thankfully
not hurt. 🙂

Overall we couldn’t have asked for a better first few days with him.
We can’t imagine why anyone would have given him up. He’s such a
sweet dog. Attached is a picture of Eve and Duke. Enjoy!

~ Erica & Josh