Abby - April, 2009

Abby found her fur-ever home with Corina G & family…

Abigail - December, 2009

Just a quick update to let you know how Abigail is doing.…

Achilles - July, 2009

Achilles found his fur-ever home with Mike E.

Anna - April, 2009


Aurora - April, 2009

Photo Not Available

Axel - January, 2009

Axel found his fur-ever home with Herman M.

Axel - July, 2009

Thank you again and again for bringing Axel into our lives…

Bella - April, 2009

Just wanted to say hello and give you a Bella update. First…

Bella - November, 2009

We made it back home and Bella was perfect. She even popped…

Belle - October, 2009

Belle found her fur-ever home with Kendra Z.

Ben - May, 2009

Ben found his fur-ever home with Bill.

Bentley - April, 2009

We LOVE BENTLEY!! My husband installed the fence on Sunday…

Bo - April, 2009

Bo found his fur-ever home with Michelle H.

Bo - January, 2009

Bo found his fur-ever home with Jerry L.

Bo - July, 2009

Bo found his fur-ever home with Ellen M.

Bob - April, 2009

Bob found his fur-ever home with Kimberlie S.

Bodie - April, 2009

Bodie found his fur-ever home with Rosie A.

Bonnie - August, 2009

Bonnie found her fur-ever home with Rebecca & David…

Bonnie - September, 2009

Bonnie found her fur-ever home with Carrie & Ken.

Boozer - January, 2009

Boozer found his fur-ever home with Leon E.

Boston - October, 2009

Boston found her fur-ever home with Sheila & Brett.

Bowser - August, 2009

Bowser found his fur-ever home with Joe.

Brawny - July, 2009

Brawny found his fur-ever home with Steve & Jennifer…

Brittney - December, 2009

Brittney found her fur-ever home with Cindy W.

Brodie - May, 2009

Brodie found his fur-ever home with Cesar and Marie A.

Brody - August, 2009

Brody found his fur-ever home with Gina H.

Bronx - September, 2009

Bronx found his fur-ever home with Katheryn.

Bruiser - November, 2009

Bruiser found his fur-ever home with Elizabeth K. and …

Buddy - January, 2009

Buddy found his fur-ever home with Regi S.

Callie - December, 2009

Callie found her fur-ever home with Mike.

Casper - December, 2009

Casper found his fur-ever home with Tammy C.

Casper - July, 2009

Casper found his fur-ever home with Chris & Kaylene…

Cedric - June, 2009

Just wanted to give you an update on Cedric. We have renamed…

Charlie - July, 2009

Charlie found his fur-ever home with Jeff and Kathy P.

Chloe - October, 2009

Chloe found her fur-ever home with Heather M.

Cody - November, 2009

  Cody found his fur-ever home with Phil, Lori &…

Cutie - April, 2009


Daisy - October, 2009

Daisy found her fur-ever home with Bill C.

Dallas - July, 2009

Dallas found his fur-ever home with Erin B.