Dallas (1) - February, 2009

Dallas found his fur-ever home with Shannon P.

Dallas (2) - February, 2009

Thought I'd give you an update on Dallas and the family.…

DeeDee - February, 2009

DeeDee found her fur-ever home with John E.

Dempsey - July, 2009

Dempsey found his fur-ever home with Barry K.

Desi - December, 2009

Desi found her fur-ever home with Anthony C.

Desi - October, 2009

Desi found her fur-ever home with Helena H.

Dozer - October, 2009

Dozer found his fur-ever home with Diane B.

Duke - November, 2009

Things with Duke are going great. He is settling in very…

Eva - July, 2009

Eva found her fur-ever home with Alicia.

Finn - November, 2009

I just wanted to let you know that Finn, Joe's new name,…

Fletch - June, 2009

  Fletch found his fur-ever home with Kim T.

Frannie - February, 2009

Frannie found her fur-ever home with Andrea R.

Fred - August, 2009


Gallie - December, 2009

Gallie found her fur-ever home with Steve & Jenny B…

General - December, 2009


George - February, 2009

George found his fur-ever home with Bobby C.

Gibson - April, 2009

Gibson found his fur-ever home with Chantal A.

Ginger - April, 2009

Ginger found her fur-ever home with Lorna S.

Gitzy - May, 2009

Gitzy found her fur-ever home with Patricia M.  

Gracie - January, 2009

Gracie found her fur-ever home with Matt N.

Greeko - April, 2009

Greeko found his fur-ever home with Matt & Sarah H.

Gunner - December, 2009

Gunner found his fur-ever home withSheila & Brett.

Gunther - June, 2009

  Gunther found his fur-ever home with Paul E.

Harley - April, 2009


Harley - January, 2009

Harley, Kevin, and I are doing well. We have gone almost…

Henry - September, 2009

Henry found his fur-ever home with Michelle, Greg &…

Honey - February, 2009

Honey found her fur-ever home with Janet R.

Hugo - February, 2009

Hugo found his fur-ever home with David & Vicki D.

Jack - May, 2009

Jack is doing great! He usually goes for a daily 3 mile run,…

Jade - May, 2009

Jade found her fur-ever home with Mark & Laura.

Jill - January, 2009

Jill found her fur-ever home with John & Carol G.

JoJo - January, 2009

JoJo found her fur-ever home with Amanda K.

Kimber - October, 2009

I just wanted you to know that Kimber, formerly Betty, is…

Kona - August, 2009


Lacy - December, 2009

Lacy found her fur-ever home with Sean & family.

Layla - May, 2009

Sarah, or Layla as I've been calling her, has been doing…

Licorice - July, 2009

Licorice found her fur-ever home with Chris L. and fami…

Lily - October, 2009

Lily is so awesome and we are madly in love with her!! We…

Lovely - February, 2009

Lovely found her fur-ever home with Anne W.