Kimber – October, 2009

I just wanted you to know that Kimber, formerly Betty, is doing well. She seems to enjoy the house although she was a bit scared when we first tried to get her into the house but she seems fine now. She was a bit scared of me after I returned home this morning but she’s getting used to the new routine. Her personality is starting to show as well. She’s a very happy dog and apparently she likes to collect our dirty clothes and drop them around the house. She seems to like the Royal Canin dog food more than the other brand because she eats the Royal Canin first and will eventually eat the rest of her food. I guess thats because she’s a bit of a grazer when she eats. She had fun on her first walk and was good when she met a couple of dogs at the vet’s office. We also met someone who got a male Boxer from Northern California Boxer Rescue as well. We are working on house training her and she hasn’t had an accident in the house yet. Well, I will talk to you later and thanks for getting us such a sweet loving dog.

~ Bryan C.