Sampson - May, 2009

Sampson found his fur-ever home with Lindy & Greg S.…

Sandy - February, 2009

Sandy found her fur-ever home with Alishia & Keith…

Sarge - June, 2009

  Sarge found his fur-ever home with Julie &…
Photo Not Available

Shadow - April, 2009

Shadow found his fur-ever home with Maryanne & Darrell…

Shadow - October, 2009

Shadow found his fur-ever home with Greg & Kevin.

Shasta - May, 2009

Today, Shasta, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. She had an…

Shelby - August, 2009

Shelby found her fur-ever home with Greg W.

Sister - April, 2009

Sister found her fur-ever home with Maryanne & Darrell…

Sookie - February, 2009

Sookie found her fur-ever home with Dan & Jen C.

Sophia - April, 2009

Sophia found her fur-ever home with Lisa K.  

Sugar - July, 2009

Sugar found her fur-ever home with Dave and Wendy.

Sundance - January, 2009

Just wanted to give you an update on Sundance. His gotcha…

Sunny - February, 2009

Sunny found her fur-ever home with Jeremy E.

Sweetpea - February, 2009

Sweetpea found her fur-ever home with Ann R.

Tanner - May, 2009

Tanner found his fur-ever home with Cheryl.

Thor - September, 2009

We picked Thor up a few days ago, and he is adjusting beautifully.…

Tigger - December, 2009

Tigger is doing GREAT! Hank (our lab) has completely adjusted…

Tika - June, 2009

Tika found her fur-ever home with Marilyn H.

TJ - June, 2009

TJ has completely made himself at home with us and we love…

Toppy - November, 2009

Toppy found her fur-ever home with Elizabeth K. and fa…

Trixie - September, 2009

We finally got Trixie's new collar and she wanted to show…

Troy - April, 2009

Troy found his fur-ever home with Suzanne A.

Tyson - April, 2009

Tyson found his fur-ever home with Kim M.

Whisper - January, 2009

Whisper found her fur-ever home with Angela C.

Wiggles McGee - July, 2009

Wiggles McGee found his fur-ever home with Ashley &…

Wili - November, 2009

Thought I would give you an update on Wili...although he…

William - August, 2009

William found his fur-ever home with Ren & Connie …

Zoe - October, 2009

Zoe found her fur-ever home with Beth B.