Sundance – January, 2009

Just wanted to give you an update on Sundance. His gotcha date was January 24, 2009 and has filled out nicely at about 70 lbs. He and Lulu (my female boxer) were fast friends from the first meet and greet. Lulu is a good coach and continues to teach him the household rules and how to be a good watch dog. He has gotten over his pillow fetish and now we are working on the occasional digging issues. Sundance loves toys and is the only boxer I know of that doesn’t like to jump. When I return home at the end of the day, he will calmly follow me around and wag his little stump of a tail and sit and wait for his pet while Lulu on the other hand jumps and spins wildly around like a bucking bronco. He graduated from Canine Middle School July 22, 2009 and was an excellent student. He doesn’t drag me down the street any longer but does take the full length of the leash and tugs a little now and again but he’s coming along. He is such a good boy that is very affectionate, loves company of all shapes and sizes, always ready for a meal or treats and will let you know if when it’s time for the evening walk by talking non-stop. He has mixed emotions about other dogs but we are working on that too.

He is just one big hunk of doggie love and Lulu and I truly adore him and so does everyone that meets him. They are wonderful travel companions and road warriors! Here’s a picture of us on the wine trail. Sundance is the plain fawn. Lulu has the white on her face.

Lots of woofs,
Connie, Lulu & the Sundance Kid

Seven Year Update

Just want to say how happy his fur sister Lulu and I are with our Sundance. He is about 11 years today his gotcha date January 24. Adopted 2009. He is a clown, a talker but mostly a love. He came to us a diamond in the ‘ruff’ and now glows in every way possible. He completes us. Thank you NCBR.

~ Connie

Eight Year Update

My momma says I’m about 12 and a 2+ year Cancer Survivor! His gotcha day was 1/24/09. We just want everyone to know how much we appreciate NCBR for bringing us together. Life is good.