Please be sure you have reviewed our Foster Home Information page before submitting this application. If you are looking to adopt, please submit the Adoption Application.

Foster Home Requirements

The reason we are able to pull and save dogs from area shelters is because there is an open foster home, if that means YOU, you are the only available space for that dog. Because of this reason you are asked to manage the dog’s needs through and until adoption day.

  • Foster homes must meet the same requirements as our adoptive homes.
  • All current pets in the household must be spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccinations.
  • Foster homes need to have the ability to keep any resident cats safe during a foster dog’s time in the home.
  • Foster homes must be willing to crate foster dogs (a crate can be provided by NCBR).
  • All foster homes are required to sign a foster home agreement and have a home inspection.