A gift to NorCal Boxer Rescue during your life of securities or mutual funds that have appreciated in value and have been held for more than one year is way to provide for boxers in need while reducing or eliminating any capital gains you would have to pay if you sold those assets. In addition, you may be able to receive a federal income tax charitable deduction on the fair market value at the time of transfer of the securities or mutual funds.  Because NorCal Boxer Rescue is a charitable organization, when we liquidate these assets we do not have to pay the capital gains that would otherwise be due on the sale.  Thus, you are able to maximize your gift to NorCal Boxer Rescue while at the same time you often receive a tax benefit for the transfer.

Next Steps:

  1. Contact your financial or legal advisor.
  2. Contact us at xxxx for additional information on making a gift of appreciated securities to NorCal Boxer Rescue.

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