Ginger – August, 2008

Ginger is definitely a member of our “pack”. These five weeks have flown by for all of us. You would think Ginger has always lived here. Our neighbors think she is super sweet, some thought she was Maggie’s twin, except she’s 6″shorter. She took her first trip in the RV to Ft.Bragg last week. She did really well in the big rig. She has a lot of new toys for inside and outside. But,her best fun is late morning when she gets to run like heck on the side lawn!

Ginger says:

These are some of the things she has done; Friday is bath and weigh day (59 to 60 lb.) I have been to the ocean and played with seaweed. At the campground I couldn’t resist running at the squirrels but I was stopped in my tracks by my new dad. I went to an interview and training to see if I can be a therapy dog. I don’t know how I did because I tried to get to that little Papillon and I spun my new mom around a few times in the gravel. The testing lady still liked me!! I got a big box of toys from my new grandkids in Texas. They have a new boxer “Bella” from Nor Cal Boxer also. My new parents love me a lot and say I’m a wonderful addition to the family. Thank you for taking such good care of me when I lived with you. Say hello to my doggie foster sister and brother and those “big pigs” out back. I forgot tell you I’m still learning about those cats my mom has. I have a big bowl of water outside but like the dirty bird bath water better. Well, that’s about all so far. I’m very happy in my new home and with my new parents.

~ Sandra