Santana – April, 2008

We adopted Stu Erwin, now Santana, April 6th 2008 and we are thrilled to have him as part of our family. He has been an absolute perfect dog for us and our home and he is learning the rules and routines so fast. Such a smart guy! He is even learning to ignore the cat which was something that we were worried about when bringing an adult dog to our home. He has learned to let her just walk on by and she is still baffled by this. NCBR has been fabulous and they took such great care of him before he came to us and when he was in need. I am so apprecitive of the love and care he was given and thankful for the fosters who helped him and who opened their hearts and home to him. People like the ones at NCBR make this world a better place who whole heartedly give their love and support to animals and people in need. The work that NCBR and the fosters do is heartwarming and it has been a real pleasure to be part of it. This has been a great experience for us and we just wanted to say Thank you!

With many thanks,
Joe and Marla