Gunnar – September, 2013

We just wanted to give you a quick update on how Gunnar is adjusting.

He and Bella have become inseparable, as you can tell by the attached pictures. She has been a good teacher for him, showing him how to “go potty” when we let them outside, how to “sit” and “stay” when meals are being prepared, and how to wait patiently at the door before we go on walks. He also picked up her habit of napping on the couch (see pictures), but they are so cute and cozy, we let them get away with it.

Gunnar has made a lot of progress. He is still a wiggly little guy, easily excited and distracted, but his overall manners have really improved. He knows “sit”, “stay”, “lay down”, “shake”, and “pound” (like a fist bump). He also knows “off”, as in “Gunnar, off the bed!”, but he doesn’t always want to listen to that one. He also hasn’t been jumping up onto people nearly as much as he used to.

His new favorite thing is going to the dog park. He is a social butterfly and plays well with all dogs regardless of the size. He is also doing well on the leash. My wife takes them running each morning, and on several walks throughout the day. He is still pulling a bit, but that is improving as well. He is still going through a chewing phase, but luckily he usually just sticks to gutting his toy, not our furniture.

Overall, he seems to be a happy little pup, growing and learning every day. We are so happy he joined our family, and Bella loves having a brother to share her day with!

Thanks for everything! Happy Holidays!

~ Andrew, Lara, Bella, Gunnar, and Lily the cat