Ace - February, 2013

Ace found his fur-ever home with Laura and Richard S.

Addison - May, 2013

Addison found her fur-ever home with Karen S.

Aeryn - February, 2013

Aeryn found her fur-ever home with Jenae.

Ava - January, 2013

Ava found her fur-ever family with Stuart & Alicia H…

Bahsel - August, 2013

Thank you for all your help. We are very happy with Bahsel…

Beau - August, 2013

Beau found his fur-ever home with Kelly G.

Bella - February, 2013

Bella found her fur-ever home with Jennifer K.

Bennett - April, 2013

Bennett found his fur-ever home with Karen E.

Benson - November, 2013

Benson found his fur-ever home with Michelle & Rus…

Bentley - March, 2013

Bentley found his fur-ever home with Mark & Kevin.

Bogie - August, 2013

Bogie found his fur-ever home with Eric & Amy M.

BoJak - May, 2013

BoJak found his fur-ever home with Melissa M.

Boo - June, 2013

Boo (fka Alex) found his fur-ever home with Don & Roseanne…

Boomer - May, 2013

Boomer found his fur-ever home with Erin & Rick.

Bosley - April, 2013

Bosley found his fur-ever home with Julie F.

Bristol - June, 2013

Bristol is doing great. We have had her just over a year…

Brooklyn - January, 2013

All went well in bringing Brooklyn home. She is a great rider…

Buffy - August, 2013

Buffy found her fur-ever home with the Birdsong family.

Byron - November, 2013

Byron found his fur-ever home with David and Laura.

Cali - June, 2013

It's been a great year with Cali. She is our sweet love,…

Chance - March, 2013

Chance came to NCBR after being a stray for a very long time.…

Charlie - February, 2013

Charlie found his fur-ever home with Shane P.

Cheyenne - May, 2013

Monday was the big day and everything has been going great.…

Cocoa - December, 2013

Cocoa found her fur-ever home with Rick T.  

Cody - March, 2013

Cody is adjusting well to his new home and we're working…

Conner - November, 2013

Conner found his fur-ever home with Michael and Sonia H…

Daisy - April, 2013

Daisy found her fur-ever home with Daniel W.

Daisy - June, 2013

Daisy found her fur-ever home with Gayle & Fernando…

Daisy - March, 2013

Daisy found her fur-ever home with Jessica S.

Daphne - June, 2013

Daphne found her fur-ever home with the Flores Family.

Darcy - September, 2013

Darcy found her fur-ever home with Mike M.

Dargo - July, 2013

Dargo found his fur-ever home with Clarissa & Brian…

Decker - May, 2013

Decker found his fur-ever home with Donia and George G…

Demi - January, 2013

Demi found her fur-ever home with Chelsea and Dominic.

Deuce - June, 2013

Deuce found his fur-ever home with Maron & Nicole I…

Dixie - September, 2013

Happy to report that Dixie is safe and happy in her new home.…

Doja - October, 2013

Doja found her fur-ever home with Kathy A.

Dory - August, 2013

Even though it has only been a few days, I wanted to send…

Elvis - October, 2013

Since Elvis joined our household on October 1, he has made…

Falkor - May, 2013

Falkor found his fur-ever home with Karen S.