Frannie - February, 2013

Frannie found her fur-ever home with the Kaspi Family.…

Georgie - March, 2013

Georgie found her fur-ever home with Hector & Doug…

Gibson - June, 2013

1 year update: Gibson now, is a great dog. We are so lucky…

Guinness - May, 2013

Guinness found his fur-ever home with Bismarck D.

Gunnar - September, 2013

We just wanted to give you a quick update on how Gunnar is…

Hailey - April, 2013

Hailey found her fur-ever home with Cole M.

Hana - April, 2013

Hana found her fur-ever home with Jessica B.

Harley - April, 2013

Harley found his fur-ever home with Clarice N.

Harley - December, 2013

Harley found his fur-ever home with Nicole & Eric. …

Hobbes - January, 2013

I just wanted to let you know that we picked up Gary, now…

Hope - April, 2013

Hope found her fur-ever home with Tina & Tracy K.

Huck - November, 2013

Huck found his fur-ever home with Neil & Jennifer F…

Izzy - July, 2013

Izzy found her fur-ever home with Andre and Catherine B…

Jane - June, 2013

Jane found her fur-ever home with Carol K. UPDATE: "Beau…

Jax - August, 2013

Things are Great! Jax settled in pretty well last night with…

Jax - November, 2013

Luie, now named Jax, found his fur-ever home with Mark D. Update Here…

Josie - June, 2013

Josie found her fur-ever home with Susannah & Thomas…

Juno - June, 2013

One week ago today we added a member to our family. We are…

Juno - November, 2013

Juno found her fur-ever home with Laurie C.

Kahana - December, 2013

Kahana found her fur-ever home in December of 2013.

Kami - February, 2013

Kami found her fur-ever home with the Glaspy Family.

Kato - October, 2013

Kato is doing very well. He has learned his new name and…

Kelso - July, 2013

Kelso found his fur-ever home with Jennifer S.

Kinley - February, 2013

Tonic aka Bella is now known as Kinley with her new family: Kinley…

Kyle - July, 2013

Kyle found his fur-ever home with Scott & Beth S.

Kyote Girl - July, 2013

Kyote Girl found her fur-ever home with Linda & Brian…

Lily - January, 2013

Lily found her fur-ever home with Lucinda Y. and David …

Lola - December, 2013

Lola found her fur-ever home in December of 2013.

Lottie - October, 2013

Lottie found her fur-ever home with Andrew & Amy.

Lucy - August, 2013

Lucy found her fur-ever home with Karen E.

Luna - April, 2013

Luna found her fur-ever home with Chris L.

Mackenzie - March, 2013

Mackenzie found her fur-ever home with Susan T.

Mahina - September, 2013

It's been six months now since Mahina came home with us.…

Marshall - August, 2013

Marshall found his fur-ever home with Steve O.

Mason - August, 2013

Mason found his fur-ever home with Laurie D.

Matilda - June, 2013

Matilda is adjusting to her new home and family. She is a…

Maury - December, 2013

Here is a good photo of all of us and I hope that the person…

Max - February, 2013

Max found his fur-ever home with Dave & Tracy.

Max - January, 2013

Max found his fur-ever home with Katherine H. & Scott…

Maxine - November, 2013

Maxine found her fur-ever home with Coco H.