Meisha - May, 2013

1 year update: Meisha is doing fantastic. She and Odie our…

Mocha - April, 2013

Mocha is doing great. She has quite the funny personality.…

Mugsy - July, 2013

Mugsy found his fur-ever home with the Kroon Family.

Mya - January, 2013

Mya found her fur-ever home with Patricia and Ron S.

Nala - August, 2013

Nala found her fur-ever home with Jill E.

Oliver - July, 2013

Oliver (white) found his fur-ever home with Nikki &…

Olivia - June, 2013

1 year update: Obi and Olivia are doing extremely well and…

Onyx - March, 2013

Onyx found his fur-ever home with Brittany and William.

Opal - March, 2013

Opal found her fur-ever home with Don & Laura L.

Peggy Sue & Frankie - September, 2013

Frankie and Peggy are doing well in their new home. They…

Romeo - March, 2013

April 2014 update: It has been a fantastic year with Romeo,…

Rooster - October, 2013

Rooster found his fur-ever home with Tom & Kat B.

Ross - March, 2013

Ross found his fur-ever home with Kim & Darrell R. …

Roxie - August, 2013

Roxie found her fur-ever home with Christine and Dave H. Update…

Rue - September, 2013

We have had Rue for a month now and we could not happier…

Sadie - September, 2013

Just wanted to say hello on behalf of Sadie... She's been…

Samuel - June, 2013

Samuel found his fur-ever home with Marie C.

Scout - January, 2013

Scout found her fur-ever home with the Fink Family.

Scout - March, 2013

Scout found her fur-ever home with Kara N.

Sedona - April, 2013

Sedona found her fur-ever home with Theresa M.

Shasta - April, 2013

Shasta found her fur-ever home with Christi G.

Shelby - April, 2013

Shelby found her fur-ever home with Dan D.

Simon - February, 2013

Simon found his fur-ever home with Bonnie H.

Sophie - November, 2013

Sophie found her fur-ever home with Debbie and Jim M.

Star - February, 2013

Just a quick note to let you know we had a great night. Star…

Stella - September, 2013

Stella found her fur-ever home with Tricia & John O.…

Takoda - March, 2013

Takoda found his fur-ever home with Vicky & Kerry D…

Tanner - March, 2013

Tanner found his fur-ever home with Mark & Diane H…

Tessa - May, 2013

Tessa found her fur-ever home with Kay W.

Thunder - March, 2013

Thunder found his fur-ever home with Brian & Kristy…

Tramp - September, 2013

Tramp now living the good life with NCBR alum Jane and his…

Violet - February, 2013

Violet found her fur-ever home with Michele & Fred…

Wilbur - April, 2013

Wilbur found his fur-ever home with Tina T. Update 2016 Wilbur…

Yogi - April, 2013

Yogi found his fur-ever home with Rick K.

Zeus - July, 2013

Zeus found his fur-ever home with Todd & Erin K.