Rue – September, 2013

We have had Rue for a month now and we could not happier with how well she fits into our family. My husband knew when he first saw her sad little picture at the vet that she was the one for us. She adjusted so quickly to her new home; her favorite past time so far is laying in the sun by the pool after taking a dip, playing tug of war with her brother Rocky, and giving kisses to everyone in the home. Her and Rocky are inseparable, if one leaves the room the other is right behind and on walks they have to be within a few inches of each other. She has learned a few bad habits from Rocky such as jumping on the bed to wake us up in the morning and licking all the time, but both of those are okay with us. She has also influenced him to be better on walks and come in when he is told. It seems she still has some residual illness from how sick she was when NCBR found her, but she gets better all the time and it does not seem to affect her ability to play and be merry. We are a very happy family now and we cannot thank NCBR enough for helping us find her.

~ The Keeler Family