Star – February, 2013

Just a quick note to let you know we had a great night. Star rode beautifully in the car home, mostly in the back seat alone, which was impressive. We spent the evening with Wes, Kado and us, just sniffing and looking around. I finally had to tell Wes he needed to go home because it was our bedtime! Star slept in her crate all night, no crying, no potty it the crate. So far we have made it outside for all of the morning potties (of course it is only 9am – lol)

Star had an impromptu meeting with moxie (our cat) and was frightened at first and ran away. About an hour later they met again and Star thought Moxie should be a playmate because they are about the same size, Moxie didn’t think it was so fun when Star jumped her….but we enjoyed it!

Cindy, thank you again for working so kindly with us. You did a great job, but it nearly broke my heart when you handed her over to me. Please know your girl is in the right place.

~ Donna & Dean