Cheyenne – May, 2013

Monday was the big day and everything has been going great. We brought her home in the evening, and since she had just gotten back from camping, I gave her a nice warm shower.

We are so happy to have her home. She’s made a couple of new friends on the bike path, and one in our neighborhood so far. Yesterday at the dog park, she had a blast. Allthough there were no dogs, we had so much fun running around and playing frisbee.

Sebi, our 5 year old autistic son, is warming up to her. Day 2 he started to touch her paws and smell her…that’s one of his autistic traits, he has a thing for smelling scents. Initially he was trying to keep his distance, but last night Sebi let her rest her read on his leg.

So far, her favorite place is by the fire place. When we go out to the backyard, she enjoys sun bathing and resting in the shade.

We love her so much. A million thank you’s to NCBR!!!

~ Elizabeth L.