Dory – August, 2013

Even though it has only been a few days, I wanted to send a note to tell you how well Dory is fitting into our family. Barbara and her family did a wonderful job in getting her in a routine, used to being in a crate, and teaching her basic commands.

She seems very comfortable here already. She gets excited when she sees us, wiggling her stub tail and licking us – then calms down. She will sit and shake whenever asked. She loves to play with her toys, making us laugh as she runs, chews, throws, and chases them.

She didn’t eat much the first day or so, however now she eats everything we put in her bowl at each meal. What makes her really special is how affectionate she is – she leans against you when you sit or stand, will put her head on your lap, wants to have you hold her paw…. So sweet.

We really wanted another boxer after our Sadie passed. She was a wonderful family member who will never be forgotten. Now we have Dory to share our love and home. Thanks to everyone at NorCal for doing your part to bring Dory to us.

Joyce, Mike, and Kevin