Hannah – April, 2016

After 15 months in foster care, Hannah found her fur-ever home with Tim & Deb S.

“Huge props to Mat and Lara, they did an amazing job with Hannah. She is settling in just great. She has a lot of energy (expected), but, she also settles down well when we all settle down.

“We have had her out for a few walks, and we have seen the reactive behavior with other dogs, but, it wasn’t too bad, we’ll work with the trainer on that. Other than that she has been nearly perfect; I am sure she may have some setbacks, but, I am also sure it will all work out just great. We are totally in love with her and lucky to have her.

“Deb is taking Hannah to the vet on Tuesday and she will also be contacting the trainer you recommended this coming week to get her enrolled in the appropriate class. We’ll let you know when that is all set up.

“Again, huge, huge props to Mat and Lara.”

~ Tim & Deb