Mater – December, 2015

Mater and Moxie

Mater (fka George) found his fur-ever home with Marek, Kyle and fur-sister Moxie.

“We are loving our family of four! George (who now goes by Mater) is doing wonderful. The kids in the foster family named him Mater after ‘Tow Mater’ in the movie Cars, and he seemed to respond to that better than George so we went with it 🙂

“His personality is really opening up after a short time with us. He seems to be learning to play and realizing how much he probably missed out on in his puppyhood! He is doing great with play with our pup. Even though our Moxie has a fragile leg he really responds to her cues when he is playing too rough. And when I say rough it’s really only his size. He is so goofy and floppy and I don’t think he realizes his weight difference!

“As Markus put it, he really is just a gentle giant. We have introduced him to my nieces and nephews and he loves them!

“For being so malnourished he shows no signs of aggression, even with food. We are still very careful, but also impressed with this trait. I have tested him around food and taken his bowl away while eating and he just patiently sits to wait for it to be returned 🙂 The boy will find food anywhere so this is what we have had to be careful with! He has destructed 2 bins of dog food and I’m sure helped himself until full so we got a third which with THINK is indestructible. Haha! Other than his food obsession and a couple of accidents in the house he has been completely perfect! Thank you again. I have attached a couple of photos!”

~ Marek, Kyle & Moxie