Chance – December, 2015

“I wanted to write you and let you know we had to say goodbye to our special Chance during the Holidays.  He was 12.5 years.  He has been battling/fighting cancer for years and we managed it surgically but this last mass showed up and we knew it would be too much to ask him to go through another surgery.

“He enjoyed his last days up in Tahoe and taking walks and eating all the yummy foods.  He lived life to the fullest chasing quads and snowmobiles across our 3,000 acre ranch and wiggled like no other boxer I have ever seen.  He was such a gentle soul who touched so many and he was a true partner in life.  He was all white, ears done and just a beautiful epic picture of a classic boxer.

“I am so grateful for NCBR and all that you all do.  I adopted him in October 2004 and he gave our family 11+ years of wonderful memories.  We miss him dearly, our hearts ache and a piece of our puzzle is missing.”

Thanks again for all that you do!
Alyson S. and family