Due to the overwhelming number of boxers in California shelters, NCBR is generally not able to accept owner surrenders. We can, however, provide owners with a courtesy listing on our website, provided that the following conditions are met:

  1. The boxer must NOT have a bite history.
  2. The boxer must be current on vaccinations.
  3. The boxer must be spayed or neutered.

Owners are responsible for providing NCBR with documentation to prove the above conditions have been met as well as current photographs of the boxer and a bio to feature on the dog’s profile.

If there is any way for you to keep your pet, we encourage you to do so! Please review the information below for resources that can help you to do just that. If you are still unable to keep your pet, please email us for more information.

NCBR reserves the right to refuse to post any dog for any reason.

Please Note:

NCBR is not responsible for the circumstances that have contributed to your boxer needing a new home, and we ask that you keep this in mind when communicating with our volunteers. We do our very best to help as many boxers as we can, but we simply don’t have the resources to help every boxer every time. If there were ANY way to change this fact, rest assured that we absolutely would!

Our first priority always has been and always will be shelter boxers. We only take in owner surrenders when foster space allows.

You may be asked to foster your boxer while NCBR facilitates an adoption.

NCBR does not take in boxer mixes.

Can We Help You Keep Your Boxer?

First and foremost, pets are living creatures who are capable of fear, love, pain, loneliness, and joy. It is our position that pets should never be considered disposable property, but that they should be considered members of the family. We also understand that very unfortunate circumstances do arise when owners must give up their pet(s), however, we encourage you to work to find a solution to the problems that you may be experiencing with your pet BEFORE trying to re-home him/her. Many issues can be resolved with a little time and effort, and, in turn, there will be one less animal who needs to be rescued. So, please, make every attempt to keep your pet, it just might save his/her life.

Please take a few minutes to review the resources below:

Giving Up Your Pet
Finding a Responsible Home for Your Pet
Behavior and Training Resources