Rosie – April 2015

Rosie (fka Kira) found her fur-ever home with Martin M.

Six Year Update

Rosie is doing well and is coming up on 6 yrs with us.  She is living the good life with lots of naps and sun bathing and a full belly ! She has migrated from ‘not on the couch’ to spending most early mornings dominating my bed (yes under the covers to – naughty girl!).  She is very much loved.
~ Martin M.

Three Year Update

[Here are] some recent pictures of Rosie for your NCBR scrap book. She is well and is loving life! She is such a good girl and very sociable with everyone she meets – such a difference from the scared pup we adopted 3 years ago. She’s everyone’s favorite at the local dog park as she is always so happy to see her play friends and have a good time.

~ Martin M.

6 Month Update

We adopted Rosie (fka Kira) in April this year. Rosie is doing great and looking forward to her first Christmas with us. She has settled right in and is very happy in her new home. She pretty much has the run of the place right now!

~ Martin M.