Stella – September, 2015

Stella (fka Starla) found her fur-ever home with Kate M.

We decided to rename her Stella and she seems to be settling in well (right now she’s snoring softly by my feet!).  City noise is something she is getting used to — the sound of cars driving by and people walking past on the street.  And so far everything with the cats has gone WAY better than I hoped for!  No hissing, no barking, no lunging, no swatting… I know it’s just the beginning, but everyone seems to be making an effort.  🙂

If you look closely at the photo where Stella is lying down and looking to her right, you can see the cats in the distance checking her out.  I wish I’d taken photos at our walk this morning through the dog park since it looks like we’re only hanging out in the living room (we’re not!).

~ Kate

Today is our one week anniversary with Stella and she has nuzzled her way firmly into our hearts!  So we wanted to email and say thank you again for all your help finding her and caring for her before she got to us!

She’s feeling more comfortable and therefore gets more excited about things now (YAY!  A WALK!), but is still so well behaved (Amanda, when you said she was a “good girl” you could not have been more accurate!).  We’ve been to three different dog parks this week and she plays so well with all the dogs from a Great Dane to a fluffy little thing.  In those romping moments I can see that she misses her foster siblings. And everywhere we go folks comment on her beauty (even our vet was impressed).

Thank you again!
~ Katie

6 Month Update

It’s hard to believe it was 6 months ago that I picked Stella up and brought her home! It both feels like we just got her and also that we’ve had her forever!

She continues to be the good, sweet girl you introduced us to. We’ve learned that she loves to run like the wind, snuggle on the couch (as you predicted) and is partial to stuffed toys. Unsurprisingly, she aced her “Just the Basics” training class at the SPCA. 🙂

I also want to take this moment to thank you, on behalf of all current and future adopters, for the work you do with NCBR.