JD – August, 2015

JD found his fur-ever home with Danyel & family.

JD has definitely fit right in to my little family. My daughter and I absolutely love him. He’s way more confident than the first night. We have been going on two walks a day, once early in the morning and once later evening. I have found a route that has minimal people and dogs during those times so he can get more comfortable going on walks with us. He found his toy basket and randomly will choose a toy to throw around the house when he’s in his silly boy moods. LOL After trying many treats I actually found one he gets excited about and have been working on sitting, waiting, and watching.  He’s my little shadow around the house; he follows me everywhere. He also has been doing very well while I’ve been at work. I come home on my lunch break and we run around the backyard together to get all his wiggles out (my neighbors probably think I’m crazy). My daughter keeps telling me that JD is the perfect fit for us and I couldn’t agree more.

~ Danyel



“JD is doing so well. At home he’s definitely super comfortable. I leave his crate open and he rarely goes in it. He spends his day on his comfy dog beds throughout the house. At night he snuggles up with Grace in her bed then makes his way to my bed to finish out the night. Every Tuesday we go to gramy and grampy’s house for family dinner, he gets so excited to love on everyone and play with Bella. Every Wednesday I have off, my sister drops off Bella so the puppies can play and go on long walks together. We also spend a lot of time at my sister’s house and JD has won over her cats. He is such a loving dog and I adore his snuggles. He’s doing much better on walks when people are around; he’s less concerned with people and dogs walking behind him. He’s even been able to walk by kids’ soccer games with no problem. Where before he was too nervous and had to keep his eyes on everyone and wouldn’t continue to walk. He still hates to sit – I think it’s going to be a never ending battle. LOL He has brought so much joy to our house we love him dearly!”