Roxy – April 2019

Roxy found her home with Leslie S. and family!

Just wanted to update you on Roxy.  Things are great!  She is happy, and a sweetheart.  She is getting lots of exercise and learning not to pull on the leash.  She did really well at the vets office.  She really is such a great dog!!  We are very happy!

We had such a great weekend! She’s such a sweetheart and she’s very attached to us and apparently particularly to me 🙂 She is able to go up and down our stairs easily now, we’re working on the leash pulling, and she’s making progress, and she has learned to sit. Also she has become great friends already with Larry and Brent‘s dogs next-door, Ava and Eddie, we acclimated them together outside and in, both when Lauren was here and this weekend, last night we went over for a visit and the dogs all ran around together in Larry and Brent‘s house and backyard. It was fantastic! She’s been just lovely with our girls, and she seems calm and relax.  After picking up on Saturday we took her into San Francisco to my daughter’s soccer game. There’s a huge grassy area and park near the soccer field and I thought I would just be spending our time together they’re getting her some good exercise. We did have a good workout and then we went near the soccer field and she was basically very calm and then lay down and watched the game for a while. I couldn’t believe it! Just lovely.

You guys have been just awesome! I appreciate your thoroughness it’s made us feel very comfortable bringing her home because we know our house is secure and safe.