Valor – November, 2015

Valor found his fur-ever home with Maureen C. and Craig N.

They say that Valor has bumped into things just a bit, but is figuring out the house very well for being there less than 24 hours.  They say he is such a sweet boy, and everybody loves him.

One Year Update

“Yes, a year has passed already! Valor is a sweet boy-he loves to play and has a great temperament. He’s really funny and is a lot of fun to play with. He doesn’t listen very well-but he’s really good otherwise – not destructive in the least, and that’s awesome because we can leave him for a few hours, and he hangs out in his bed instead of getting into anything. He is a little over 100 pounds now!

“Valor gets around really well, and still bumps into things here and there, that’s to be expected. But we all still tend to forget he can’t see because he does so well. It’s definitely been an adjustment, having a blind dog does come with limitations as far as what kind of activities he can do, but we are glad he is part of our family. ”