from Jen Franklin to Jeremy Frick, awesome dog daddy

In honor of Cash.

from Jen Franklin to Jeremy Frick, awesome dog daddy04.14.17
Max, Laci, and Cooper

You were such good parents to Zoe, and gave her the best she could have. She will be profoundly missed.

Max, Laci, and Cooper

Max, Laci, and Cooper04.06.17

In memory of Bruce Williams, a journalist and activist, who lived with rescued Boxers.

From Ann Noble and Goran Muhlert04.05.17
Doreen Murotsune

To our beloved Boxer, Benjamin
May you rest in peace, my sweet boy

Doreen Murotsune03.11.17
The Suttons

In memory of sweet Leo. Your family misses you and you were loved beyond belief.

The Suttons02.16.17

In memory of Sweet Freddie, Norcal Boxer Rescue.

Janet Lauff02.21.17

Caroline was a most kind and caring animal lover who will be greatly missed.

In memory of my sister in law, Caroline Willadsen.01.05.17





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