Sara and Randy: Congratulations and Best Wishes for your Future.

Ben and Maria Ramirez6.16.18

This is for Sarah and Randy! Congratulations you two love birds! All of your doggie babies are so lucky to have you two as their parents! XOXO

Tim, Stacey, Will and Max6.14.18

For Sarah and Randy Stark,
Congratulations on your marriage!

Love, Mary6.12.18
George Lee

On this day, remembering best of times with BOGART!

Thank you NCBR.

George Lee6.06.18

Sarah and Randy, so happy for you guys. Here is a little something back for all you do and have done in the name of animals and especially boxers.

Betsy Gray, DVM6.05.18

In memory of Turbo. He was loved.

Gina Grega5.21.18
Randy Starks and Sarah McAuliff

Here’s to a memorable wedding ceremony and a lifelong partnership. These two dog lovers had 4 dogs (RIP Sprig) and are such great doggy parents. Here’s to Daisy, Layla, and Booger (in the foreground).

Randy Starks and Sarah McAuliff5.19.18

In Memory of Ian, quite a character and lover of doggies. RIP duder, you are gone far too soon. Say hi to Lady, and all the others on the other side.

Erin Uhles5.02.18

In loving memory of Judith M. Yonan from her friends in School-to-Career.

Cathy, Adin, and Winston

To the sweetest, wiggliest, silliest, slobberiest lady boxer that we were lucky enough to call our friend. We miss you SO much already. See you on the other side, sweet girl.

Cathy, Adin, and Winston4.3.18
We miss you, Christine and Justin

In loving memory of our Boxer Bugsy. Happy Birthday!!

We miss you, Christine and Justin3.16.18

In loving memory of my little Sis, Roseanne Robertson, on what would be her birthday. I know she is dancing with the angels and hugging all of her beloved fur babies that have gone before her.

With love from Kathi & Hank Acker2.23.18

In memory of Ginger, my friend’s dearly beloved boxer.

Edward Pais2.15.18

A small token in honor of our beloved Annie, with adoration of sweet Daisy and in appreciation to the NCBR team for all the kindness and compassion you bring every day.

Mike and Patti Mizulo2.14.18






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