Bosley - January 2020

We agreed to foster Bosley at the last minute when NCBR had hours…

Cooper - April 2020

Cooper was adopted into our family in Oct 2011 He was a loyal…
RB Como

Cosmo - December 2020

Cosmo adopted us in May 2011. We were so blessed to have almost…

Dempsey - January 2020

Dempsey crossed the Rainbow Bridge on January 9, 2020. He…

Gracelynn - February 2020

Gracelynn was truly loved and her immediate connection to my…

Gunner - December 2020


Hayley - October 2020

We were contacted about Hayley in 2010 (by NCBR). She was found…

Jade - October 2020

Rest in peace sweet girl

Jolene fna Zoe - July 2020

Rest in peace sweet lil' nugget

Lucy - September 2020

Lucy was one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. She was found…
RB Marley

Marley - November 2020

Marley came into my life on October 19, 2010. He was listed as…

Micah - January 2020

To our sweet angel, Micah, you brought so much joy to our lives,…

Moses - May 2020

It is with a heavy heart that Lindsay Webb McCauley and I had…

Olive - February 2020

Olive was a dog with a heart of gold. She just wanted to be loved…
RB Papa Ichigo

Papa - December 2020

Papa (fna Ichigo) was a sweet gentle boy who we adored. He had…

Sheriff - May 2020

Sheriff came to us in 2017. He was broken and very badly neglected…
RB Sophie

Sophie - November 2020

Sophie came to us when she pranced across my computer screen.…

Tank - January 2020

Tank was so strong in spirit and had the brightest light and…