Olive – February 2020

Olive was a dog with a heart of gold. She just wanted to be loved and she had so much love to give in return. She came into our lives when we had a 7 month old baby and she was just so gentle around him and loved giving him kisses. She only had to be told one single time on her first day with us which toys were hers and which were her baby brother’s. She always came to cheer up a crying child with licks that turned tears into laughter. She even helped me wake the kids up in the morning and got them up in no time flat with her boxer wiggles. She was always the first one to greet you at the door. She was a sun worshiper. Her snoring was like a soothing sound machine. She preferred to drink from a hose, sprinkler, fountain, dew on the grass, rather than a fresh bowl of water. She was definitely a fixture in our lives and we miss her so much. We are left with the 8 years of memories she gave to us.