Lucy – September 2020

Lucy was one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. She was found roaming the streets of Los Angeles.  She was emaciated and limping due to a hip and knee issue.   NCBR rescued her from the shelter and took her to their vet.   The NCBR vet diagnosed lung cancer.   She came to me on May 14th and immediately fit into the family.  She was always pretty quiet due to her issues. After a couple of months,  I noticed a small growth inside of her front leg where it meets the chest. It grew so fast that she was having trouble walking.   We used as much pain medication as possible to keep her going.  Finally I could tell that the pain was too much for her.  We said goodbye to her Sept 1st.  I had her 3.5 months but it felt like a lifetime.  She will be truly missed. Love you LULU