Sophie – November 2020

Sophie came to us when she pranced across my computer screen. She was being fostered for NCBR by a friend of several years.

My husband and I had decided when Lulu passed…….she would be our last Boxer. We had come to an age where Boxers were too big and required too much exercise for us. Lulu was still with us when my NCBR foster friend shared some pictures of her pretty foster girl. I showed her pretty picture to my husband and all our “sensible thinking” vanished.

We emailed Lorilynn to say we were smitten and wanted to bring her into our home. Lori was thrilled, knowing we would give her a loving, caring, spoiled home.
Knowing NCBR does not adopt a female into a home with another female – we talked with Karen who knew Lulu was old and blind and wasn’t going to mind another girlie in her home. (Lulu was an NCBR foster failure for us.) Sophie became a Princess in our home and was well behaved from the beginning. I always said she was so good she was boring.

In October 2020 she had been feeling a little “off” for a couple of days, didn’t want her food but was drinking and pottying. On the third morning I woke up to 2 huge puddles of blood she had vomited. Rushed her to the vet, banging on the glass door begging them to see her, even though COVID restrictions were in place. I waited in the car while the vet examined her. She found her abdomen swollen and painful. She felt it was a hemorrhage of the spleen. At 12 years old, her thought was it was better to let her go….and I did.

She joins 8 other Boxers that have passed through our home and my husband who passed last December. We are quite sure he decided to stay at the Bridge – go no further because it is much more fun, joyful and silly there.