Barney - June, 2009

Dog speed, Barney. Rest in peace.

Buddy - July, 2009

Dog speed, Buddy. Rest in peace.
Photo Not Available

Jaeger - October, 2009

Dear NCBR, My Boxer Jaeger passed away today. We rescued…

Jag - August, 2009

Amy and the rest of NCBR volunteers, I just wanted to let…

Kaliman - April, 2009

Dog speed, Kaliman. Rest in peace.

Lady - July, 2009

Dog speed, Lady. Rest in peace.

Maia - December, 2009

Maia was a soft spirited angel. She had been through allot…

Miss Molly - November, 2009

I just wanted to let you know that last evening (November…

Miss October - October, 2009

Dog speed, Miss October. Rest in peace.

Nellie - May, 2009

We found out this sweet girl had lymphoma after we pulled…

Ozzie - August, 2009

Dog speed, Ozzie. Rest in peace.

Punkin - October, 2009

This little girl came into rescue emaciated and was diagnosed…

Rocco - November, 2009

There is nothing else in life like the relationship we have…

Roxie - April, 2009

Roxie, the older white female we rescued over a year ago,…

Shasta - August, 2009

Shasta, the beautiful older girl that Jon and family has…

Sunni - July, 2009

Dog speed, Sunni. Rest in peace.

Tess - October, 2009

Tess meant so much to our family and it's difficult to express…

Tip - October, 2009

Dog speed, Tip. Rest in peace.