Jag – August, 2009

Amy and the rest of NCBR volunteers, I just wanted to let you know that I had to put Jag to sleep Saturday night. It was a tough decision to have to put him to sleep. It wasdetermined that he had a brain tumor after he had a seizure a couplemonths ago. He since had another seizure during the fourth of Julyweekend. We then had to put him on a number of medications. The lastcouple of days he was becoming more traumatized and almost delusional. Saturday night he then had another seizure and I knew it was time. Hewent to sleep peacefully and I was right there with him during the end. I want to thank you for letting me adopt him. He and our other dog Caseyloved each other. I tried to give him the very best life through theeleven years that I had him. He was always a charmer with women, loved toplay hard with men, and was great with kids. He was a very exceptionalboxer and will be forever in my heart. My family and I will miss him verymuch. We are down to three dogs and probably will have to wait a whilebefore I can adopt another but you can count on another boxer. I want to thank you again for letting me adopt him. He was a wonderfulpart of my family. It was also a pleasure volunteering with NCBR.

Brad Kiggins