Rocco – November, 2009

There is nothing else in life like the relationship we have with our animal friends.
Animals are great listeners.
They seem to be able to understand what we are saying when we talk to them, and they don’t argue back.
They don’t judge us, and they don’t hold a grudge.
They only want to belong and be a part of your life.
I believe we share our lives with animals to learn what they can teach us:
To love unconditionally,
To care about others rather than our possessions,
To remember to be playful in life,
To remember to snuggle with those we love, Rocco loved to snuggle
To observe the world around us with curiosity and enthusiasm, the world loved Rocco too
To wake up knowing that each day is a new adventure,
To remind us to take a walk and enjoy the sunshine from time to time, for Rocco it was the night,
To trust that the world will provide everything we need,
And to remind us, Don’t worry, be happy.
Rocco touched everyone who met him, God please let him know that he will be loved and missed every day.