Abby - April, 2009

Abby found her fur-ever home with Corina G & family…

Abigail - December, 2009

Just a quick update to let you know how Abigail is doing.…

Ace - December, 2010

Ace won over my heart within moments of meeting with those…

Ace - February, 2013

Ace found his fur-ever home with Laura and Richard S.

Achilles - July, 2009

Achilles found his fur-ever home with Mike E.

Addison - May, 2013

Addison found her fur-ever home with Karen S.

Aeryn - February, 2013

Aeryn found her fur-ever home with Jenae.

Amanda - September, 2011

When Amanda came to NCBR, she was thought to be pregnant but…

Anna - April, 2009


Annabelle - December, 2012

Sad to let you know that sweet Annabelle was battling a tumor…

Annie - November, 2013

Annie is running free at the Bridge, after her heart and…

Archie - April, 2011

Dear Friends and Family; Archie crossed over the bridge…

Arnie - May, 2010

Dog speed, Arnie. Rest in peace.

Audrey - September, 2012

Words cannot express how devastated I am to write that we…

Aurora - April, 2009


Ava - January, 2013

Ava found her fur-ever family with Stuart & Alicia H…
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Axel - January, 2009

Axel found his fur-ever home with Herman M.

Axel - July, 2009

Thank you again and again for bringing Axel into our lives…

Bahsel - August, 2013

Thank you for all your help. We are very happy with Bahsel…

Barney - June, 2009

Dog speed, Barney. Rest in peace.

Beau - April, 2015

Beau (fka Tyler) found his fur-ever home in early April Douglas…

Beau - August, 2013

Beau found his fur-ever home with Kelly G.

Bella - April, 2009

Just wanted to say hello and give you a Bella update. First…

Bella - February, 2013

Bella found her fur-ever home with Jennifer K.

Bella - January, 2012

Bella You were such a lady. When I brought you home you…

Bella - July, 2015

Bella (fka Gracie) found her fur-ever home with Michael and…

Bella - May, 2015

Dog speed, Bella. Rest in peace.

Bella - November, 2009

We made it back home and Bella was perfect. She even popped…

Belle - October, 2009

Belle found her fur-ever home with Kendra Z.

Ben - May, 2009

Ben found his fur-ever home with Bill.

Bennett - April, 2013

Bennett found his fur-ever home with Karen E.

Benson - November, 2013

Benson found his fur-ever home with Michelle & Rus…

Bentley - April, 2009

We LOVE BENTLEY!! My husband installed the fence on Sunday…

Bentley - July, 2010

God Bless the Rescuers. Thank you for taking care of Bentley's…

Bentley - March, 2013

Bentley found his fur-ever home with Mark & Kevin.

Betty - May, 2015

Betty found her fur-ever home with Chris and Rhonda. Betty…

Bo - April, 2009

Bo found his fur-ever home with Michelle H.

Bo - January, 2009

Bo found his fur-ever home with Jerry L.

Bo - July, 2009

Bo found his fur-ever home with Ellen M.

Bo - September, 2010

To all of those who brought Bo to safety and cared about…