Audrey – September, 2012

Words cannot express how devastated I am to write that we lost our beautiful Audrey today. Her Kidney Disease had progressed to the point where she wasn’t going to get better and her poor body couldn’t fight anymore. She’d stopped eating and had given up. We didn’t want to watch her waste away and didn’t want to continue putting her through temporary fixes. Our wonderful vet came out to the house earlier today and let her go. She went so peacefully. She still seemed happy and was wagging her tail up until the sedative kicked in and she was able to finally relax and go to sleep.

Life just isn’t fair, she was so young. She would have been two next month. In her short life, she brought so much joy to ours though. She never met anyone that she didn’t like and she greeted everyone with big tail wags and kisses. We will always remember her as the big, happy, loving and goofy girl that she was. I’ll never forget how happy we were on her adoption day. She immediately came over to Tom and I and wouldn’t stop wagging her tail and kissing our faces. Without a doubt she was the one for us. We feel honored to have had her in our lives and she will be greatly missed.

RIP 10/2010 to 09/08/2012