Bella – January, 2012


You were such a lady. When I brought you home you calmly walked the entire house then found your favorite spot by my chair. During our time together we traveled all over visiting family. You wiggled your way into every one’s heart and had the grandkids delighted at how you could turn yourself into a “U” shape and bounce four feet off the floor whenever I brought out your leash. The beach was over rated in your eyes and you much preferred to watch with dignity as dogs and people alike made fools of themselves in that icky, salty water. Your favorite past time was following me room to room and keeping a watchful eye as I did chores or laying close by in the sun as I did yard work.

I miss the feel of your head on my knee and hearing your contented snuffling as I stroked you. Our time together was much too short my beautiful Bella.

~ Denise S.