Annie – November, 2013

Annie is running free at the Bridge, after her heart and body had had enough after 2 tough years with cardiomyopathy and epilepsy. My favorite Annie story involved 2 meaty bones that we gave her and her brother Murphy. Murphy chewed and chewed, enjoying his bone immensely. Annie watched him for a while and then very casually picked up her bone and carried it off the deck. She was gone for 5 minutes and came back. Murphy got a drink of water and very quietly Annie took his bone and left the deck. She came back as he was frantically searching for his bone. I didn’t see which direction she went and now my husband, Murphy and I started searching our 2 acres for 2 bones. Annie walked with us, wasn’t worked up, excited or showed any signs that she understood what we were looking for. We didn’t find the bone that day. A couple of days later, my husband was walking around the property with both dogs and Annie stopped for a minute, bent down under a bush and came out with a bone which she brought to Murphy and dropped it at his feet. She just looked at my husband and clearly was saying “there … are you happy now?!”

She made us laugh every day, she was such a sweetheart and is sorely missed.

~ Debbie and Jim M.