Bob - April, 2009

Bob found his fur-ever home with Kimberlie S.

Bochy - March, 2015

Adorable Bochy (fka Rex) found his fur-ever home with Mare…

Bodie - April, 2009

Bodie found his fur-ever home with Rosie A.

Bodie - March, 2015

Bodie found his fur-ever home with Steve & Tammi H. and…

Bogie - August, 2013

Bogie found his fur-ever home with Eric & Amy M.

BoJak - May, 2013

BoJak found his fur-ever home with Melissa M.

Bonnie - August, 2009

Bonnie found her fur-ever home with Rebecca & David…

Bonnie - September, 2009

Bonnie found her fur-ever home with Carrie & Ken.

Boo - June, 2013

Boo (fka Alex) found his fur-ever home with Don & Roseanne…

Boomer - May, 2013

Boomer found his fur-ever home with Erin & Rick.

Boozer - January, 2009

Boozer found his fur-ever home with Leon E.

Boris - 2008

Regrettably I have to inform you (NCBR) that we lost Boris…

Bosley - April, 2013

Bosley found his fur-ever home with Julie F.

Boston - October, 2009

Boston found her fur-ever home with Sheila & Brett.

Bowie - 2007

Bowie was quite a character. His puppy exhurburance could…

Bowser - August, 2009

Bowser found his fur-ever home with Joe.

Brady - January, 2012

Brady was a NCBR alum and adopted by one of our most honored…

Brawny - July, 2009

Brawny found his fur-ever home with Steve & Jennifer…

Bridget - August, 2014

We're so happy to announce that Bridget found her fur-ever…

Bridget - March, 2015

Sweet Bridget loved everyone, two footed and four footed…

Bristol - June, 2013

Bristol is doing great. We have had her just over a year…

Brittney - December, 2009

Brittney found her fur-ever home with Cindy W.

Brodie - May, 2009

Brodie found his fur-ever home with Cesar and Marie A.

Brody - August, 2009

Brody found his fur-ever home with Gina H.

Bronx - September, 2009

Bronx found his fur-ever home with Katheryn.

Brooklyn - January, 2013

All went well in bringing Brooklyn home. She is a great rider…

Bruiser - November, 2009

Bruiser found his fur-ever home with Elizabeth K. and …

Buck - September, 2012

Dog speed, Buck. Rest in peace.

Buddy - December, 2013

Dog speed, Buddy. Rest in peace.  

Buddy - January, 2009

Buddy found his fur-ever home with Regi S.

Buddy - July, 2009

Dog speed, Buddy. Rest in peace.

Buddy - November, 2011

Buddy crossed over Rainbow Bridge on Saturday, 11/19. Buddy…

Buffy - August, 2013

Buffy found her fur-ever home with the Birdsong family.

Bunker - October, 2013

It has been 4 months and the pain is still so raw from losing…

Byron - February, 2014

Byron was the most fantastic friend a person could have.…

Byron - November, 2013

Byron found his fur-ever home with David and Laura.

Caitlin - September, 2014

I am sad to say that we had to help Caitlan over the bridge…

Cali - June, 2013

It's been a great year with Cali. She is our sweet love,…

Callie - December, 2009

Callie found her fur-ever home with Mike.

Casper - December, 2009

Casper found his fur-ever home with Tammy C.