Bodie – March, 2015

Bodie found his fur-ever home with Steve & Tammi H. and his skin-brother Grady (pictured). They sent us this note after his first night home:

“First of all, thanks for making it possible for us to get such a great dog. Bodie was obviously excited and quite curious as we explored our property last night – and Grady was, too. They’ve been side-by-side all waking hours.

“For our first night, we had Bodie sleep in the wire crate and while reluctant to use it, he eventually made his way in and just had a bit of whining. We got up a couple times to get him out and he went back in to sleep. We’ll try him in Grady’s room tonight and see how that goes – I’m sure he’ll do well.

“I have to say, this entire experience with you and NCBR has been very impressive – everyone has been so responsive and professional. I’m sure you’re very successful in your placements and that makes a big difference for the dogs and their new families. You’re all good people.”