Caitlin – September, 2014

I am sad to say that we had to help Caitlan over the bridge last Tuesday. It is hard to believe we had her for almost 11 years. She was such a handful it seamed like twice that long then when the time came all of a sudden it was like we just got her yesterday, 11 years went by in a snap. We think she was about 13 and acted like a young spring chicken until just a few months ago. Caitlan was our first foster after Shay. We did not want to foster her because she was a little mean thing! We adopted her before we really know what we where getting into. She was a little badness who thought she was the boss of us. She would do things like spite pee on the rug, dig out the drip line, or chew the door frame casings off the wall, just because. Caitlan tried my patience, it took a lot of love, understanding and firmness to help her be a good girl, her saving grace was that she listened really well.

Caitlan had issues, especially with other dogs! We took her to some special $150.00 an hour dog trainer that told us he never saw a dog act as bad as her and advised us to consider putting her down. He said she would never ever be able to be around another dog, which she proved him wrong multiple times, what did he know. Although it wasn’t always easy we fostered many dogs without any real incident. Yes, it took diligence but she got better with each dog we had.

Cait was never a real loving dog meaning she did not like to cuddle or be affectionate with her humans, rather we where her back scratching servants to use at her disposal. As she got older though, things started to change and she went from being a “evil nun” (our nick name for her because she was kind of evil and her ears stuck out like a nun habit) to a “sweet pumpkin pie”. Proving once again that old dogs do learn new tricks and with love and proper guidance almost any dog can change. She turned in to a super sweetheart and was the apple of Mike’s eye. She loved going with us in the car, hanging out with Gov, going on walks and having people come over. All of our friends loved her, she had such a cute personality with all kinds of funny things that she would do. Like run up the stairs at full speed and when she would reach the top she would jump with all fours off the ground and turn in mid air. She knew how to open doors and would go around and open any door that was shut. Cait was deaf the last 3 years of her life but, you would never know it. She was super smart and always knew what you wanted, even if she couldn’t hear you.

We where so proud of her and the good girl she became and we are so glad we adopted her. It was an honor to have her in our life and a part of our family, we miss her with all our hearts.

I have attached some pictures of her, our home is not the same without her and Gov.

Thank you Amy, Karen and Nor Cal for all you do, for all the dogs you save. Mike and I know without you we would not have had our two wonderful, beautiful dogs in our life.