Archie – April, 2011

Dear Friends and Family;

Archie crossed over the bridge today. It has been a battle for months and I’d like to say that I feel even the slightest relief, but I just don’t. Just sad and empty…missing my sweet boy.

Many of you know that Archie was my foster boy who never found a smart enough home. People who ask you “why does he have nipples?” could never understand the need to keep a growly dog safe, well exercised and learning new things. After a meeting with trusted behavioralist, Trish King, to assess Archie and her saying “Well that is the strangest behavior I have ever seen, how long are you willing to stick it out for this guy” I knew he would be with me forever.

We began obedience and agility classes (with some major begging to Laurie Leach because I was on Dr restricted bed rest for my pregnancy and Archie was…well growly) and the rest is just a history of love, love, love. It was a running joke in my house that Archie is my “Agility Champion of the World”. Although he is extremely bright and willing at our first competition he chose to run his own course only to stop at the top of the A frame to strike a pose in all of his naughty glory.

Deeply loved by all of my friends and family, he held a very special place in my Mom’s heart. He is the handsome boy who got whistled and hollered at by passing cars when walking the old neighborhood with Grandma.

He was the temperament normalizer for all of my fosters dogs….and honestly me too. I think he did a better job at rehabbing the fosters than I did.

Archie was the smartest, most beautiful, and best four legged companion I have ever had. He was my partner in crime and my heart that has been breaking for months and is now broken.

Special thanks for NorCal Boxer Rescue, Mom, Jessica, Trish King and Laurie Leach for making my life with Archie possible…and the best life a dog could ever hope for.

God Speed Sweet Archie.

~ Hannah