Amanda – September, 2011

When Amanda came to NCBR, she was thought to be pregnant but x-rays found a cancerous tumor that had spread to local lymph nodes and several gallons of fluid in her abdomen. Removal of the tumor left an emaciated, sick and exhausted dog. We were nervous about taking on such a serious case of poor health and obviously long term neglect, but Amanda’s spunky determination and unbridled affection quickly won our hearts. As she improved, we saw so many traits that we would want in our own dog and we delighted in each accomplishment. Sadly, with time we had to acknowledge that there are some things that can’t be fixed. Amanda’s passing fills our hearts with sadness and longing for what might have been. We are thankful to NCBR for giving her a chance when many wouldn’t have, and also for the considerate and supportive guidance in making that difficult decision at the end. We loved her and will always remember her smiling face, dancing white boots, her little docked tail that spun like a propeller and the tightest kidney bean we’ve ever seen. Rest in peace sweet Mandy-moo.