Certificate of deposits, brokerage accounts, and some bank accounts allow you to name a beneficiary to receive any balance in these accounts on your death.  This is called a Payable on Death (POD) or Transfer on Death (TOD) designation.  The beneficiary of a POD or TOD account has no right to these accounts during your life.  These accounts remain yours to do with as you choose during your life and you are always free to change the beneficiary designation in the future.  Naming a beneficiary on these accounts allows for them to pass directly to the beneficiary rather than passing through your Will or Living Trust.  If you wish to name NorCal Boxer Rescue as a POD or TOD beneficiary on any of your accounts, contact a representative at the relevant financial institution and request a beneficiary designation form.  You can typically designate the percentage of the account you wish to contribute to NorCal Boxer Rescue.

Next Steps:

  1. Contact your financial or legal advisor.
  2. Contact us at xxxx for additional information on including NorCal Boxer Rescue as a beneficiary on your accounts.

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