Duke – September, 2011

Duke found his fur-ever home with Peggy & Tony E..

“We picked him up yesterday morning. He had a good night! Sorry to say, we just didn’t have the heart to put him in a crate, so he slept in the bedroom! He started out on his blanket (thoughtfully provided by Helen, thanks!) but somewhere around 2:30, he found a spot at the bottom of our bed. We had a great time this a.m. trying to make the bed. I think he wanted to sleep & I get up early!! It was funny!

He’s not really eating much of his food but has taken a couple of treats and ‘worked on’ a chew-toy for awhile. He whimpered a couple of times last evening, but we took care to talk to him & he was good with that.

We’re enjoying him & he’s really company for Tony. In fact, he won’t go to the bank until I get home because he doesn’t want to leave him alone that long!!!! Oh my!!! How we’re babying this pup.

All is well at the Evanna household – thanks for all you do for these ‘guys’. Don’t hesitate to call or stop by anytime; you’re welcome. “